About Us

Give Strays a Chance! was set up in 2016 to assist in the rescue, removal to a safe place and re-homing of stray and abandoned dogs, puppies, cats and kittens in South Pelion and to set up and maintain feeding stations in local villages to ensure that strays are fed and watered throughout the winter when there are few tourists or residents around and very few tavernas open for food.

In our first year alone we changed the lives forever of some 40 stray dogs and puppies and many stray cats and kittens by ensuring that they received the correct veterinary care, were removed from danger and where possible were found new permanent homes.

Thank You!

It is important that we say a massive Thank You! to all those people who have helped rescue animals in need, who have helped fund their veterinary and on-going costs and who have assisted in re-homing them.

We faced some difficult challenges with regard to re-homing during and since the second year which has meant that many desperate animals were not able to be transported to their new homes and, because of that, we have been left with three gorgeous dogs rescued as tiny puppies but now fully grown dogs, which may never find a home and for whom, therefore, we have to continue to financially support them in their kennels leaving no funds available for taking on any new and desperate dogs and puppies.

We continue, however, to try and help raise awareness of and funds for other people who are able to assist them.

And also to say an even bigger Thank You! to those few people who continue to help by making regular donations by standing order into the bank or into PayPal - Thank You!, without your continued help we would be lost!