This year has seen an unprecedented number of abandoned dogs, puppies, cats and kittens in South Pelion, all desperately in need of safety and shelter, most dumped at the side of the road, in bins or plastic bags and almost all very, very young or injured and extremely unlikely to survive without human intervention.

Many very kind people who have rescued these animals have found themselves up against a brick wall, with facilities and funding in the area pushed to an absolute limit already. Some would-be-rescuers have even turned a blind eye because no resolution could be found or they simply could not afford the costs involved.

Emergency funding is desperately needed to improve local facilities to ensure that there is somewhere these animals can be taken to be safe, fed and sheltered and where necessary can receive veterinary treatment. So we make no apology for the fact that wherever you look on this website you will find a "donate" button, where you can make either one off donations or regular payments.

There are three main sections to this website and also on our Facebook page - urgent funding needed, forever homes needed and happily ever after. Additionally on this website we have included a section on finances, where you will be able to see in detail and up to date, how much money has come in and how that money has been, is being or will be spent. There is a page giving more details of our mission and what we hope to achieve and, of course, a contact page.

Please, give as generously as you can to help these beautiful animals who, through no fault of their own will otherwise be run over, starve or worse. Winter is coming and they need to be off the streets and in a secure environment.

We would also love to hear from anyone, anywhere who can donate food, collars, harnesses, leads, beds, kennels and veterinary supplies for cats or dogs, puppies or kittens.

We aim to work alongside and compliment the work of PAWS South Pelion, who have also been pushed to an absolute limit this year with the amount of strays which have been rescued.

Please take a look at some of these heartbreaking pictures and stories and you will understand why we so desperately need your help and donations for emergency funding to get these animals safe, fed and sheltered.

All of the beautiful animals here are desperately looking for their "forever home". Most have had a harrowing start to their lives, and are now ready to become someone's loyal and loving forever friend. Please help if you can.

Here we will show the success stories - those animals who have been rescued and removed from danger or abuse and are now recovered and have been successfully rehomed in a happy, healthy and loving environment.

Improving Existing Facilities

We need a large sum of money to improve existing facilities to ensure that strays are removed to a safe, secure and loving environment where they can recover from their experiences, be fed and where necessary receive veterinary care, socialise with other dogs and people and eventually be ready for rehoming.

We have the promise of a fantastic donation of €1000 to go towards these costs. The local builders merchant is giving us a hefty discount which will be a massive help.

But we will need more ...

Here we will list the costs involved, the amount spent so far and will also publish regular photographs and progress reports to show where the money is going and how the work is progressing.

Please, help us to help them


Donate now, either a one off donation or a monthly sum ... it will make a life-changing difference to these animals who have done nothing to deserve what life has thrown at them so far. So please, help us to help them.