Now a whole year into our cause, and Give Strays a Chance! has assisted in the rescue, removal to safety and re-homing of a massive number of strays - many of these can be seen in the Success section - and also the setting up and maintaining feeding stations in villages for stray cats and dogs to ensure they are fed throughout the winter when there are few tourists or residents around and very few tavernas open.

Without the help of your generous donations, none of this would have been possible, many of these dogs, puppies, cats and kittens would have undoubtedly suffered a slow, painful and horrendous death.

Our financial accounts have always been there for everyone to see - please do look at them and you will see that whilst an enormous amount of money has come in, an equally enormous amount has gone out, all of it spent directly on the rescue, removal, care and re-homing of these strays.

Funds are now completely depleted and this is the worst time of the year for puppies and kittens who will have been abandoned.

Now, more than ever, we really desperately need your help and generosity so that we can continue as previously, and in particular in the three areas below:

  1. There are in excess of 60 dogs in the kennels, more than half of them are very young puppies - funding is urgently required to keep them all safe and we urgently need to find homes for them before the next influx of puppies which undoubtedly will happen from October onwards.
  2. Massive improvements have been made to the existing facilities to create a safer, healthier and better environment. More funding is desperately needed to continue and complete the project as soon as possible. Nearly all of this has been funded by just one person so far, his funds have now dried up and it is vital that we assist to see the project finished.
  3. Just one local lady takes in nearly all the stray cats and kittens we find. She now has 31 cats and kittens to care for. We urgently need funding as there will without doubt be an influx of kittens also from October and we have to be sure that there is somewhere safe for them to go, that means to this one amazing lady, but she can't do it without financial assistance.

Please take a look at some of these heartbreaking pictures and stories and you will understand why we so desperately need your help and donations for emergency funding to get these animals safe, fed and sheltered.

All of the beautiful animals here are desperately looking for their "forever home". Most have had a harrowing start to their lives, and are now ready to become someone's loyal and loving forever friend. Please help if you can.

Here we will show the success stories - those animals who have been rescued and removed from danger or abuse and are now recovered and have been successfully rehomed in a happy, healthy and loving environment.

Please, help us to help them

Donate now, either a one off donation or a monthly sum ... it will make a life-changing difference to these animals who have done nothing to deserve what life has thrown at them so far. So please, help us to help them.